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The GME is a permanent magnetic coupling designed and manufactured by Metau Engineering able to transmit the torque due to magnetic forces that are established between the inner and outer rotor and without any mechanical force.

This allows then to seal the side in order to use completely separate it from the outside with a special bell separation.
Through our research we can do this with a separation technology that avoids the effect of overheating due to eddy currents and magnetic hysteresis due to the fact that the Stationary Can is crossed by a magnetic field.

The use of magnetic coupling is recommended for applications where the treated liquid must not come into contact with the external environment, or when the external environment should not come into contact with the fluid, eliminating the problems of leakage and possible loss.
The use of our coupling also allows you to not transmit vibration and axial and radial loads use.

Our innovative modular system, you can use the magnetic coupling with the widest assortment of uses is the side that transmits motion, both to use, for example in the field of polyurethane application of the transfer means the possibility of matching any and brand of pump, with any electric motor or gearmotor.

We can drive torque from 0,5 to over 3000 Nm with pssibilità-effective solutions tailored.
Our magnetic coupling is also ATEX certified Ex II second marking 2GD c IIC TX.

Why the magnetic coupling?
∗Fluid loss prevention and Torque trasmission without contact
∗Hermetic clousure of the fluid or gas to 100%
∗Reliable processes without unwanted chemical reactions
∗Manteninece cost and time significantly reduced
∗Increase the life cycle of the component
∗No abrasive wear
∗Low vibration
∗Low Noise
∗Avoid overloading


Magnetic coupling general catalogue GME

Assembly manual for GME magnetic coupling with A2VKA7VK pumps